Major Depressive Disorder and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Essay

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I. Do you agree with the diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder for Janet? State your reasoning by using diagnostic criteria for the DSM-5 (use your notes and power points) and matching it with Janet’s signs and symptoms.:
Yes, I do agree with the diagnosis of MDD for Janet. She met the criteria with her symptoms: depressed mood, feelings of worthlessness/guilt, diminished ability to think/concentrate, significant weight gain, and insomnia. She was clearly in a persistent sad mood and it impaired her interest in school therefore she had to drop her classes. These characteristics lasted well over 2 years.

II. What are your basic thoughts about Janet and her situation? What red flags came to your mind about her?
When she was only a child, she suffered the emotional trauma of losing her mother. The guy who she dated and fell in love with in high school suddenly left her because he wanted to date other women .

III. What are the environmental stressors that could be contributing to her Janet’s feelings of depression?
The environmental stressors on Janet were definitely her family. As stated, she didn’t have hobbies because she didn’t have time. The new life of her ex-husband is emotionally stressing on her because she loved him very much and she has a child from him. She desperately wanted to remain in school but she could not balance it out. On top of that, she would no longer be eligible for student aid and would have to start paying the student loans back to the school.

IV. What aspect of Janet’s personality and what cognitive habits (thought patterns) could be playing a factor in her depression?
Cognitively, she definitely has fear within her. She thought to just completely withdraw from her classes in the middle of the term with fear that she