Major Depressive Disorder and Depression Essay

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What is Depression? Many people wonder exactly what depression is for thousands of years. Depression is when one feels very unhappy most of the time. Depression is a mood disorder. One could be feeling on top of the world as the saying goes, and then in a moment one could be at their lowest. Ones diagnoses depend on which type of depression one might have. (Berger 1-5)
Major depression, also sometimes called clinical depression, characterized by symptoms that can lead to difficulty working, problems interacting with family and friends, poor sleeping, and more. Treatments involve antidepressants and other therapies. One must invest ones time, and money. All though in the end, it is all worth it. (Berger 2-5)
This mood disorder can interfere with a normal lifestyle. By having depression, one is prone to an array of sad/emotional episodes. One could be out with ones kids, and then an episode could come along and just ruin ones time. So how does one treat this? One would treat this with a lot of patience’s, medications, and of course therapy. (Berger 1-5)
Once one has had an episode of major depression, one is at high risk of having another. The best way to prevent another episode of depression is to be aware of the triggers or causes of major depression and to continue taking the prescribed medication to avoid relapse. It is also important to know what the symptoms of major depression are and to talk with a doctor early if one has any of these symptoms. (Goldberg 2-3) There are many studies performed each year, to help cure depression. One of the studies is called “The Development of a Therapist Feedback System for Major Depressive Disorder in Community Mental Health.” In this study, they believe that with the proper therapy, depression can be treated. One might also agrees to find that statement true. There are all kinds of different studies performed every year. This particular one though has been working to uphold its statement for at least five years now. It is only a matter of time before they have the antidote depression. (Depression Studies 2-4) The treatment for depression very between what kinds of depression one might suffer from. One could suffer from depression so bad that they need assistance, and all different types of medication. Others could just need therapy and few to no medication at all. It really just depends on how the human body reacts with depression. Not everyone is the same, so of course we all need different types of treatment to work with different types of people. Otherwise, it could get a little bit difficult. That is if everyone were on the same medical schedule. (Berger 2-5) There are all kinds of different treatment for depression; one just has to be willing to get the treatment. One type of treatment is therapy. When one has depression, the best thing to do is get help. That way one does not do anything drastic. When one has depression, therapy could be the difference between life and death. (Teasdale 1-5) Depression needs not to be taken lightly; it is a very serious disease. Another way to treat depression is medications. With the proper medications, one can go about one’s normal lifestyle with no problem. It is most important that one seek treatment for depression if one feels depressed, sad, miserable, angry, or frustrated most or all of the time. If one get it checked out early enough then one will not have half, as many health risks as other people would if one were to wait. (Grohol 1-2) Depression is hereditary. Therefore, if a loved one has suffered from depression and one think one may be to suffering from to than one might want to go get checked out. Some people with major depression may feel better after taking antidepressants for a few weeks. However, many people need to take the medicine for four to nine months to recover. Again, however, it depends on the person. (Berger 1-5)
What exactly is depression? Depression is