Major League Baseball Players With Performance Enhancing Drugs

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Major League Baseball Players With Performance Enhancing Drugs

Cody Watkins Instructor C. Johnson 12/9/14 ENG 101 Research Paper

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In Major League Baseball, professional baseball players are linked to performance enhancing drugs and gives the players a boost to increase their baseball abilities. Also the major league baseball players who have used or been linked to performance enhancing drugs are signing highly regarded contracts and breaking major league records, and the players are receiving recognition for their abilities that involve a certain enhancing drug. In the case of PED’s however there is abundance of major league players who get caught with PED’s but they’re only serving a short­term suspension. Overall, any professional baseball player who decides to take performance enhancing drugs should serve long term suspensions and suffer strong consequences.

First, as for performance enhancing drugs in Major League Baseball it is extremely important to have accounts of associated suspensions, so that the players can be well aware of what the consequences might be and the actions that need to be taken place in the case. According to an article by Cliff Corcoran in the Sports Illustrated Magazine on the suspension actions that would be announced during Major League Baseball’s Opening Day. “A first positive test from 50 to 80 games and the suspension for a second positive test from 100 games to 162, or the length of a full season. Third positive tests already result in lifetime bans, though a player has yet to test positive for a third time.” (Corcoran) This is extremely an important effect where this needs to be taken with responsibility because when having this long term suspension in effect, it will level out the playing field for the average Major League Baseball players who are not associated with any type of performance enhancing drugs at

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any condition of the season.

Another piece of evidence within the Sports Illustrated Magazine upon Major League players serving long term suspensions. “Close a loophole that allows players to receive a small portion of their salary during a suspension, as well as create a system that would allow arbitrators to reduce significantly suspensions for players who can prove their use of a prohibited substance was unintentional.” (Corcoran) This is another important argument because if players get caught with performance enhancing drugs they won’t get any money during their suspension. This creates less problems for the Major League Baseball organizations because the executives and owners won’t have to pay their players any salary until they are cleared to come back playing for their appropriate team. The last piece in the Sports Illustrated Magazine ends the argument of suspending MLB players. “Increased suspensions very well may reduce the number of players willing to risk getting caught using performance­enhancing drugs.” (Corcoran) Most definitely this will be the perfect effect that Major League Baseball players that will think twice about injecting themselves or taking performance enhancing drugs and the younger generation to understand what not to do in order to achieve a higher ability.

Second, an argument that is when