Major Works Data Sheet for Brave New World Essay

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b Major Works Data Sheet
|Title: Brave New World |Relevant Biographical Information About the Author: |
|Date of Publication: 1932 |Born July 26, 1894 in Surrey, UK |
|Genre: dystopia, science fiction |Went partially blind at the age of 16 |
| |Graduated from oxford in 1916 and began to write a collection of poems |
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He also becomes very cocky. That all blows up on him as John one day denies him the ability to show him off to his friends so everyone goes back to hating Bernard.|
|Also, John is mesmerized by Lenina and Lenina likes him (which is weird since you’re supposed to not stick with one partner). Eventually, Lenina makes her move and John calls|
|her a whore and that’s the end of that. John then causes a riot by throwing people’s soma out of a window in order to “set them free” so him, Bernard, and one other are |
|banished from their homes and eventually John has sex and kills himself for it. |
|Describe the author’s style |An example from text that denotes author’s style |
|The author makes the entire piece become ironic as he speaks of society opposite to |I don’t have my book, but in chapter 3, Mustapha Mond is talking to the students about |
|ours and they mock our way of living while the reader is probably like “these people |how insane it was that people used to have mothers and fathers and how big of a joke it |
|are weird/crazy!”. |was. |