Makayla Holden English 10R Essay

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Makayla Holden English 10R
10/3/14 Final form “Inside the building, the sun lights up segments of the rotting wooden floor through the many holes in the roof. As I look for her, I register things: the soggy floorboards. The smell of almonds, like her. An old claw-footed bathtub in a corner. So many holes everywhere that this place is simultaneously inside and outside.” (Page 280) John Green uses imagery, diction, and sentence structure in this passage to describe each piece of the room, which creates a desolate mood. The way John green uses imagery makes you feel like you are right there in the building with the characters. John Green also uses it to really show u the desolate mood; the building seems empty and abandoned. It seems like no one has been there in years, if there even was someone there at one point. When green says “So many holes everywhere that this place is simultaneously inside and outside.” You can really picture the gaping holes in the walls, floor, and ceiling and how all of the rain and snow must get in everywhere. Green uses the soggy, rotting floorboards to show you that the rain must have gotten in through the holes. This imagery really brings out the desolate mood. In addition to this, Green also uses diction throughout this passage. There are many situations where he could have excluded the describing words, but with those adjectives there it really makes you feel like you are there. Instead of using rotting wooden floor, green could have said the holes in the floor. In this passage Green uses holes a lot to convey how open and eroded this building is. Also, Green talks about how this building is almost outside and inside at the same time and that helps you really picture this building breaking down with each gust of wind,