Make Up Research Paper

Words: 2016
Pages: 9

After the extremely long car ride with what seemed like never ending traffic, the huge double doors are finally within the horizon. In just a few moments, a life long journey will begin, and life as previously known will forever be changed. There it is the mall. At times entering the double doors seemed like the entrance to Disney World, but sometimes it felt incredibly grim. The bright lights shined beautifully upon many different stores. There it is, the holy grail of the stores, Sephora. This store is packed with so many distinctive types of make up. From Kat Von D makeup to Make-up Forever, the possibilities are literally endless. Foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, highlighter, blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick are the items …show more content…
As crazy as it may seem, the trend of makeup has been made into a movement. One you don’t want to miss, especially if you are a teenage girl. More and more we are seeing young girls, who might be twelve, having a full face of makeup on making them look like they are in their twenties. Besides the heavy influence from social media and society as a whole, a large reason for this trend in makeup is due to bullying. Whether its cyber or in person, bullying has been shaping the way men and especially women view themselves. As a matter of fact, a seventeen-year-old girl, Lowri, from Mountain Ash Comprehensive School is a prime example of someone who didn’t join on the makeup bandwagon and essentially had the price to pay. Lowri was subjected to massive amounts of bullying for not wearing makeup by the time she was seventeen. A lot of the bullying came from other girls, and it just truly shows how brainwashed some young women can become in order to make themselves better about their own personal appearance. The aftermath from this experience truly hurt Lowri. Lowri now need over five years of counselling for being endlessly bullied by other girls at her