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One’s own judgment can’t always be trusted or believed. People create their expectations by using their own options and observations. This is why it is best to get multiple perspectives in order to determine your final conclusion. The narrator was able to use the perspectives of the old generation to help the reader create a judgment towards Emily. In this case, the narrator is unbiased and doesn’t really pick a side other than view both sides equally.
In “A Rose for Emily,” no other character’s point of view of Emily is more reasonable than the narrators. The narrator in this story collects all his thoughts from what is occurring around the town and from what characters say about Emily. There’s a line in the story said by the narrator, which basically combines everything people thought of her into one piece. It says, “A live, Miss Emily had been a tradition , a duty, and a career ;a sort of hereditary obligation upon the town” (Part 1) This quote doesn’t directly give the reader a mind to judge Emily because there are many ways to interpret it, due to the different opinions the old generation had from the new generation.
The old generation’s judgments towards Emily were much more different than how the younger generation saw her. They respected Emily and had sympathy towards her due to what she was going trough. In the text, the line “Poor Emily” is repeated several times by the older people in town. They pitied her because they knew her more than the younger…