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Final Essay
English 252 MWF
December 4, 2012
Make a Change Have you looked around our community and wondered how the rough times are affecting not just an individual, but groups of people? What kind of situations people are up against and what they are doing to manage them? Situations like losing family members, struggling with health issues, and coming from broken homes. Such situations have an effect on the community and lead them into feeling discouraged and helpless. That’s where we must act. Creating ideas or ways to help the community feel motivated to move on and keep trying is perhaps the best solution. These ideas can vary, from doing volunteer work around the community with the church, to helping out the local youth organization be successful because it is the youth who will be the next generation. To help out the community, it is important to begin in certain areas where weaknesses show. For example, now a days there is a lot of people that were losing their jobs and houses. This leads to them going homeless and not able to support their families. Community food banks are very helpful because they donate food to families in need. Delivering food around the community with the church is a good experience. It shows how the community, our community, is willing to come together to help those in need. Volunteering in the youth organization is another way to help out the community. This would provide help not just for teens in the community but also the parents. In my community there is an event that the Christian church has every Friday during football season. It is called 5th Quarter. It starts right after the home football games are over. Its main purpose is to let teens have fun after the football games in a safe