Make a difference Essay

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Make a difference
In this society man are behind on education, the way that men and women are raise have a lot to do with making a difference. Society expects for women to learn and be educated but do not expect anything good from men especially African American men. However, both genders need to give their best on everything they do daily. For example, if someone asks for an advice that person should take notes so later on they can go over those notes and make sure that what had to be done, was already done. Is not just about listening and expect for everything to happen from one day to another without action. To make a difference is important to live in reality.
In the other hand, college enrollment is a really important part of success and making a difference. The percentage of high school completer ages that enrolled in college immediately after high school increased for both sexes. Over 2/3 of African American males enrolled in college and universities do not reach degree completion. In a race it does not matter who gets first, second or third place but what matters is who goes all the way through the finish line.
To be successful in life people need to know that SKILL and WILL work together, the person might be really talented, smart, etc., but still not be successful. Also, competence produces confidence when two persons do the same thing at a job one will always want to do better so that’s when confidence shows up. However for all of things to happen practice