Making Desktop Software Application : the Simplest Way Essay

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JFLCare – complete solutions, a step ahead…

(A comprehensive application for hotel and hospitality industries)

Let’s get started

Few things need to be kept in mind before operating the application.

The Theme

A good software solution ensures the automated data flow, accuracy of information, easy to implement and maintain as well as faster operation with minimal of human intervention.

A good and easily understandable user interface is a part of section ‘faster operation’, which encourages the end user to speed-up the process. Entering information into the system, retrieving them, modifying them and finally commits the changes into the application are the basic tasks that typical end-user performs in an automated environment.

Thus a good user interface is an integral part of a good technical solution.

The Motive

Our motive is to provide the end user a very friendly as well as intelligent interface, which will double the skill of the user and utilize them most efficiently.

The Solution

All the basic course of actions like entering data, retrieving data, modifying data and committing the changes are applicable to each and every process. Keeping this fact in mind we handle each process with these set of operation. This way it is very easy to learn and remember without any specialized training. Let’s consider one example.

Preparation and maintenance of a Restaurant Bill.

■New bill information recording.
■Bill information verification.
■Generation of bill and printing.
■Settlement of bill.
■View the bill.
■Split a bill.
■Hold a bill.
■Joint more than one bill.
■Modify the bill.
■Void the bill.
■Suspend the bill.
■Delete the bill.
You may believe or not our application provides a single interface to handle all these operations. So, isn’t easy to learn and remember?

Few operational concepts related to information.

All the information related to an organization can be categorized into following

a) Installation / Configuration information.

Certain rules or terms and conditions of an organization that never changes can be categorized in this group e.g. any tractions that happens with an account is either a debit transaction or a credit transition. In this regard no other transaction exits in the world.

b) Setup information.

The information that identifies or describes an entity and changes very rarely can be categorized under this group e.g. Establishment information of an organization such as address, phone number etc.

c) Master Information

Under this category falls the information like facts of certain entity that is very frequently used by others. In a shopping mall description of an item will fit into this category as the information is recorded once and referred many times during sell billing, stock report etc.

d) Header Information

The fixed information for a set of other information is treated as header information. If look into any sale invoice or bill, the bill number or the invoice number is fixed for a set of items.

e) Transaction Information

All the information that relates with header information is called transaction information. All listed item information for a particular Invoice/bill number is the transaction information for that header information.

f) Other information(Which will not fit into any of the above)

Anything that will not fall into any of the above categories.

The application software aims to maintain (Insert, update, delete) all above mentioned information.

Our application provides different interface to handle different type of information but a same set of procedure to handle them

Technically it is different type of forms with same set of buttons in each form to handle different states (state of the information).

Moreover application software requires sufficient information to perform efficiently. If the right information has been provided in the right time and