Making Observation

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Make Observation Everything that has ever been made or anything that has been thought of first came from someone observing something and then had an idea. When someone observes something it takes us to the next step. Ask Questions When you ask questions you cancel out all the information that is not important and helps you focus on what you are doing. Construct a Hypothesis This is when you make a thought of how things work. Make sure your hypothesis is to the point and helps you answer the original question. Test your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment This is to found out if it was true or false. It is important you test it fair no matter if you think it is far from the true or not. When you do the testing be sure you thing one thing at a time so you know what was wrong. Then make sure you do more than one test to know if the outcome was true. Analyze your Data and Draw a Conclusion Once you are done with your experiment gather all your information and see if your hypothesis was true or false. Do not get down if your hypothesis was wrong, most people are wrong at first. “At once you don’t succeed try and try again.” If your hypothesis was wrong then you go back to the construct a hypothesis step and do everything again. Once you get it right you go to the last step. Communicate your Results Once you are doing you will shows everyone in a final report, display, journal, or in a meeting. Then you will be judge and see the outcome.