Making Of Europe

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The Making of Europe
During the old ages, Europe was a very complex society. The only other known nations were Africa and Asia. Europe was far more superior to both of these continents during these times. There were many different things that led to the making of Europe. The prime factors that contributed to the result of Europe were Greco-Roman heritage, Germanic traditions, Christianity, and Byzantine culture. The Byzantine Empire was a buffer for Europe and the nations that were eastward to it. The term buffer is one to describe an area that can be seen as a scapegoat for countries at war. The buffer area would hold off any intruders to give the mainland time to prepare for battle. For the most part the Byzantine people were the only civilized power around. The Byzantine introduced many nations to their religious views. Many people embraced their Christianity traits and introduced it to their respected nations. Also their scientific studies became the basis of science and medicine in several parts of Europe. Some will say that Christianity brought Europe together. It is seen as the paramount factor to the making of Europe. Christianity seemed to share cultural ideas from different parts of Europe. This attracted many people to follow this faith. The Christian church quickly gained support from the Roman and Greek empires. Many prolific scholars and prestigious government officials brought many followers along with them. Also the Germans would spread Christianity when they invaded another nation. Christianity helped keep order in the civilizations that practiced it. The Christian God was seen as a surviving factor in war. Many believed that the Christian faith helped ensure victory in battle. This attracted many countries as well to the faith. Many of the European nations changed their habits to coexist with the Christian faith. The Germans presided after the Romans as the leading power in Europe. They conquered many nations and widespread their traditions while doing this. The Germans were really enforcers of Christianity. They molded the Christian faith in every society they took over. They established laws as well to