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Making Online Shopping Safer

I intend to argue that online shopping can be made more secure than any other shopping medium. Online shopping has been evolving over the years with rising concerns about its security; it can be made more secure by keeping a track of the sellers, using authentic online sites for shopping and with the introduction of online money to make fraud minimal or impossible. Many people are concerned about fraud in online shopping due to which they do not do it. Since online shopping is becoming more famous each day, I believe that people should be taught about how to keep themselves secure and how to perform online shopping in the safest manner possible. This would not only make shopping much easier but people would be more aware of its advantages. The limitation is that many people would still not check if the websites are authentic or not. Furthermore, online shopping is giving birth to more and more fraud each day due to which there is a rising concern about the authenticity of even the authentic sites. Also, many frauds have taken place on the authentic sites such as home depot which concerns a lot of people. Additionally, it was not possible for me to conduct a primary research on this topic, since a lot of people still prefer to shop traditionally rather than through online mediums.

Making Online Shopping Safer
In the current era, technology has been advancing at a very rapid rate, due to which the quality as well as standard of life keeps on rising. Technology has not only brought about advancement in our lives, but also change and development due to which life has become much easier and faster. Today, you can not only sit home and buy groceries but also items ranging from clothes to technological items to be delivered to your doorsteps with just one click.
Online shopping has become extremely popular and a major medium of purchasing goods as well as services all over the world. However, as the popularity grew, many frauds and thefts left people confused about its security and today, people question even the authenticity of the most popular genuine online shopping websites on the internet ( Ling (Alice) Jiang, Yang, Z., & Jun, M. (2013).. The online shopping can easily be made secure with the use of proper steps to bring about a positive change in the environment
Security of Online Shopping
There is no doubt that online shopping is a better medium of exchange as it is more convenient and offers a larger variety of goods to a larger market, not just locally but globally. However, rising concerns are being raised regarding the security of these online shopping websites and three steps are relevant to help in the improvement of security of the online websites being; keeping a track of the sellers, using authentic online sites for shopping and with the introduction of online money.
First of all, while shopping online, one should check out the seller in order to make sure that no fraud takes place from the seller’s side. The foremost step of online shopping would be to buy goods from sellers with whom you had already shopped, as it would have be more legitimate and chances of getting robbed would be minimal, based upon the past records (Miyazaki, A. D., & Fernandez, A. 2001).. Nevertheless, the buyer should refrain from handing out personal information to the seller as it would cause damage such as theft and fraud.
However, if the item that is to be bought is from an unknown seller, the buyer should keep track of him. He should first verify the information of the seller’s website to make sure whether it is authentic or not and then a complete record of the seller’s information such as phone number and physical address should be maintained with the buyer to decrease the possibility of fraud and theft. Furthermore, the buyer should also search for the reviews that are available regarding the sellers by previous buyers.
Likewise, the buyer should refrain