Making Research Decisions Essay

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Making Research Decisions

Short Report

The report that would be best served as a measure of providing the president with a comparison of pension plans would be the short report. The short report would offer the right amount of information to the president because the request of the president was well defined and the scope of what was being requested was limited to the pension plans amongst fellow firms. The short reports would normally contain five pages with the message of who authorized the study, what was actually studied, just how deeply the issues were dissected during the research study and the results of the study.

Technical Report

The technical report would be the report that could be used for writing up a marketing experiment because it would provide complete and essential information only. Included in the report would be the resources of which the data was retrieved from, the process followed by the researcher to obtain the data and samples. The report should also contain a guide with instructions for obtaining the data along with a complete index and the methods used for the analysis completed during experiment.

Management Report

The management report would be applicable in the case of reporting on the forecast of the promotional budget because the report provides immediate detail to critical information without absorbing the reader into unimportant details. The report normally would begin with the introduction, conclusions followed by recommendations. After the initial portions of the report has been covered, the findings would then be presented as a measure of support for the conclusions already presented in the initial part of the report. Because of the structure of the report, the report provides the important details at the beginning of the report without having to do much in the way of additional reading.

Research Report

The research report would be suitable for this selection. The research report would normally include seven parts; prefatory information, introduction, methodology, findings, conclusions, appendices and bibliography. The prefatory information doesn’t really provide necessary information about the research being reported but it does provide the reader with guidance