Making Sure That Toys Given to Children Are Safe Essay

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1.1 It is important that toys given to children are safe. There are a number of things to look out for
Toy size
In terms of toy safety toys that are too large or too small can cause risks, the most obvious thing to check is if there are any choking hazards. Babies and toddlers shouldn’t be given any toy that is smaller ( or has smaller individual parts) than the child's mouth because of them putting toys in their mouth there could be a risk in smaller parts falling off or even swallowing the toy. Toys that are too large for the child such as scooters or ride ons etc can cause accidents and falls if the child is not able to use them properly.
Age suitability
While the age warning mark is there to show the age suitability for the toy it is still important to take in to account the childs ability as children develop at different rates.
Sharp edges
It is important to check new toys as well as old to make sure that there are no sharp edges or broken parts on the toy that could cause harm to the child if used.

Toy symbols
Toys have a number of symbols which parents can identify to ensure a toy is safe and who the toy is suitable for, the symbols are as follows
The lion symbol on its own means that the toy has been made by the British Toy and Hobby Association and adheres to the BTHA code of practice which covers such rules as safe manufacture of toys, improving sustainability and promoting value of play.The lion mark is a consumer symbol so parents know that they have been made ensuring good quality safe toys.

CE symbol
This means that manufacturers have made their products to meet all consumer safety, environmental and health requirements of the European directive.

Age symbol
This symbol has a circle with a diagonal line through and picture of a baby and 0-3 inside the circle. This means that toys should not be given to a child under the age of 3years. This symbol is purely for safety, hazard relating to the toy will also be printed with this symbol i.e small parts, some parts may cause choking if swallowed.

Fire safety symbol
A rectangle with a cigarette and match on with the words "resistant" will be found on new furniture, furnishings, materials used for soft toys, and bedding also on baby blankets, duvets etc, the symbol means the fillings and materials used meet the requirements and are both cigarette and match resistant.

Kite mark
This symbol confirms that the British Standard Institution has tested the product and found it meets a particular standard and can be found on all kind of products and service processes as well as on toys and outdoor play equipment.

1.2 The labels on cleaning products often have a black symbol on top of an orange back ground. Cleaning materials can make children ill some will even poison them, its important to keep all cleaning materials out of reach of children and adults should also use them safely. some health and safety instructions on cleaning materials found around the home are
Black cross on an orange background with the words "harmful" means contents may cause death or acute chronic damage to health when inhaled, swallowed or absorbed via the skin, its advised that protective gloves, clothing and face masks be used whilst using products with this symbol.

Black flames on an orange background with "extremely flammable" written suggests that the contents can be harmful or fatal if inhaled, do not expose to high temperatures of 50c and keep out of direct sunlight. Contents are not to be sprayed near electrical fires, heat or electrical equipment. Keep out of reach of children and do not breathe in spray and avoid contact with eyes.

Black cross on an orange background with "irritant" which means irritation to skin and damage to eyes, if in contact with eyes and skin rinse/wash immediately with plenty of water and if swallowed seek medical advice immediately. It also suggests wearing eye and face protection when in use.

Skull and crossbones means toxic/poison, its