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Making a decision, regardless of the significance, always has a consequence. Serving as a civil defense committee member appointed by the commander in chief entails a great deal of both practical and logical thinking, as an essential requirement of the position is ensuring the safety and protection of the members within society. Believing a nuclear war is approaching where only a select portion of society will remain alive may seem unthinkable in today’s modern society. However, there was a time in America’s history when this fear was a reality. Preparation was a critical task to those who served on the civil defense committee during the years following World War II leading up to the Cold War. Fearful of nuclear war, the American government established various organizations that were responsible for the safety and protection of the members in society. Certainly, those who served in these groups, whether on committees or in organizations, have made decisions that others have disagreed with.
This assignment is comparable to the events mentioned above, however, rather than protecting all twelve members of this society, a decision is required to choose and protect six members calculated by the computers. The need for practical and logical thinking and decision-making is essential to determine not only who survives but also the reason(s) why. With very little information given about each of the twelve members, it is very important to analyze the details presented. Imagining these six individuals will be responsible for the start of a new world, while keeping each other safe and cared for during their time of need, the six individuals that will be chosen are the following, sixteen year old pregnant female, fifteen year old boy, first-year apprentice carpenter, Third year medical student, homosexual, twenty two year old Army nurse and midwife, homosexual thirty year old male, “Mr. Fix-It”, served seven years for drug offenses, out of jail three months and last but not least the Biochemist.
The first thought of this process was ensuring the procreation and future generations hence the reason for selecting the sixteen year old pregnant girl and the fifteen year old boy. Seeing that the young girl is able to reproduce for being pregnant, makes her a good candidate of populating the future generations. Obviously, she cannot take the responsibility alone, as she needs a male to father her children. The first year apprentice carpenter, fifteen year old boy, is also a great candidate for survival, for not only his standing, but his age, abilities and skills will benefit others in the creation of the new society. Bothe the medical student and army nurse med wife will have the expertise to provide healthcare and emergency assistance. The biochemist, whose gender is unknown, needs to survive, as the individual possesses a great deal of knowledge needed in a crisis situation such as nuclear war. Lastly and probably the most controversial candidate for survival, is the “Mr. Fix it” who has just came out from jail time. The selection process for him justifies his potential