Malard Manufactoring Essay

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Malard Manufacturing Company
1. The balance of the structure in Malard Manufacturing is very flat and horizontal, and basically has very little vertical structure at all. Julie Crandell who is the executive vice president, likes to keep very tight control among the organisation in which she controls. Julie demands that department managers check with her before any significant decision are made or changed, by doing this Julie has made her span of control too big for her to handle in the due time she has to complete it by, it's become very difficult for Julie as she has to deal with new inexperienced department managers, who are becoming uncommunicative and frustrated with each other.

Vertical organisational structure means a strict top
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This structure combines the low-overhead, minimal management structure of a lateral structure with the team efforts common to a hybrid structure. There are numerous advantages to a team-based lateral organizational structure.

A team-based organisational structure is similar to a traditional lateral structure, in carrying less overhead management to cause delays in decision-making and implementation of best practices or new ideas. With no need to wait on a lengthy chain of command to receive approval for ideas or changes to the, a team-based lateral structure can make necessary changes on the fly and allow for rapid response to different market conditions. This is especially important in today’s digital economy.

By spreading the responsibility among teams involving everyone involved in project CV305 rather than having a single person (Julie) in charge of all decision-making or management of a project, decisions can be reached by a quorum and can take place rapidly as team members can be assigned to research areas of need, implement changes, or work on other problems while other team members continue to focus on the current situation of the project. Decisions made by a team are often better thought out and more effectively implemented than decisions made by a single individual, that being Julie in this case.