Malaria and Panama City Essay

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Nature Niche


Join me in taking a 1 week vacation to Panama and escape the cold!

A possible route from Indianapolis, Indiana is connecting in Atlanta, Georgia for a short layover and ending in
Panama City, Panama.

Arrive at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City and then GET GOING!

• Biking- This is a great way to be able to stop and examine something that catches your eye without hoping off the bus
• Walking- This is what the locals do and a great way to meet them
• Bus- In order to get to different cities within the Panama Canal area, busses will be the quickest route

Best time to go:
For best travel, midDecember to the beginning of May is fairly dry and has a tropical climate ranging from 75 to 85 degrees

Three Top Attractions for Nature
San Lorenzo Fort
• take a bicycle tour through a historic fort built on a steep cliff.
Peddle through the tropical rainforest as you look for wildlife.

Santa Catalina &
Coiba Islands

snorking allows you to see the protected coral reefs and exotic marine life.

3. Boquete
• This is the #1 mountain town, tucked in a valley of flowers in bloom everywhere.
Family run coffee farms that produce some of the world’s best coffee is produced in these mountains. Must Stays:


Pension Marilos Hostel (in Boguete)
Rates start at $6.95 to $15.95 a night
Hotel Santa Catalina (in Santa Catalina)
Rates start at $70-$90 a night
Bed & Breakfast La Estancia (in Panama City)
Rates start at $75-$125 a night

Don’t miss eating these…
• Empanadas - pastry filled with meat, cheese, potato or vegetables.
There are many street vendors with vendor carts attached to bicycles selling homemade empanadas on busy streets in Panama City.
• Ceviche - a combination of raw fish marinated in lime juice, with onion and coriander. The acidity of the fruit juice "cooks" the fish.
• Sancocho - an extremely popular local stew, usually made with chicken vegetables, tomatoes and coriander.
• Cocades – a dessert that is biscuit-like and made from shredded coconut, eggs and sugar.

• In Bouquete, there is no shopping mall because of how small the city is. There are small mom and pop shops up and down the street that offer unique clothing. Panama hats, caps, sarongs, hand made purses and jewelry can be found here.
• Santa Catalina is a town of 300 people and only has one store in the