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Erik Kier
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Current Events Assignment

Malaysia Flight 370 is a flight that has been missing for about one year this coming March. On
March 8, 2014 at 1:19 am, the last words from the Malaysian flight 370 were spoken to Lumpur Radar, and there would be no more communication between the two ever again. After departing at 12:42 from
Kuala Lumpur to a flight headed to Beijing, the plane unexpectedly veered West, denying all attempts at communication and losing all contact with anyone after it made its way to the South Indian Ocean.
Today, the flight's wreckage is still searched for over the Indian Ocean, but no evidence thus far has been found even a year later, inspiring many experts and amateurs to create theories about the fate of the flight. Some believe it was an act of terrorism. Some also believe it was an act of dramatic suicide.
Some even believe it was a supernatural occurrence, but one thing for sure is that none of these theories are proven, and we still do not have any clue as to what happened to Malaysia Flight 370.
The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 has sparked much controversy throughout the world since the day it lost contact. To this day, families of the missing passengers are still grieving the believable fate of death of their loved ones, but many have still not lost hope that one day the flight will be found and hopefully they can see their loved ones once again. Due to the inability of the search teams of Malaysia, Australia and China to find any sort of debris from the flight, families and others have become outraged. The search for Flight 370 has been the most expensive search operation in flight history, but has failed to locate any debris from the aircraft. In June 2014, it was estimated that the total search effort had a cost that totaled an amount of about 70 million dollars in United States Currency.
The underwater search's cost is around 52 million in Australian Dollars, with the cost being shared by
Australia and Malaysia for 12 months, but would decrease if the flight is found in less time. Since March
30th 2014, the search has been coordinated by the Australian government, by an agency established specifically to coordinate the search effort, and to locate and recover Flight 370, which involves using sonar to search for the wreckage and deep sea voyagers to search for debris. Since no further evidence has been found, theories have been arising that guess the fate or whereabouts of the flight today.
Theories include suicide, hijacking and terrorism theories, as well as mechanical failure theories and theories that say the flight landed safely in a possible unknown location. The search is assumed to be terminating soon, due to the fact that the search cannot go on forever, and no follow ups have been discovered. Closing the search for the flight a year later causes families and governments to become enraged, or unhappy with the efforts of the