Malcolm X: Civil Rights Activist

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"A man who stands for nothing will fall for everything."This quote gives insight into Malcolm X's mindset and past, he who will become one of the loudest and most prevalent activist of his time. An activist is one who: uses vigorous campaigning to commence a political, economical, or social movement/ change. Activism through the years have been about a number of things, however, the hot topic of activism is white supremacy and the equal rights of the races. With slavery still in the corner of people's eyes, Malcolm X rose to be one of the mist prominent and controversial black rights activist of the civil rights era.One of the rights in this country that has been ignored are those of Race and in order to change this individual community …show more content…
This combination led Malcolm to acquire strong opinions and positions, which him in trouble most of the time. He was brought up by the name of Malcolm little, his father,Earl little was an activist for civil rights which "prompted death threats from the white supremacist organization black legion,forcing the family to relocate twice before Malcolm's fourth birthday." These constant attacks lead to his hate for whites and his thoughts on separatism.("Malcolm X") Due to his upbringing in a pact household Malcolm little was taught the importance of family and unity of the black community. Though, from an early age, he believed all whites were against him, leading him down a dark path. Little believed he was like the abolitionists who were fighting to end slavery, as he changed his name from "Little" to "X" as Little was "his slave name."After some time, he begins to use his free time to further educate himself. It was during this time of self-enlightenment that Malcolm learned about the Muslim religion.Malcolm begins to idolize NOI leader Elija Muhammad as Malcolm's brother tells him more about the