Malcolm X Research Paper Outline

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Opener/Hook (ideas include a quote, a powerful statement, a definition, a question, a statistic, etc.)
“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything.” - Malcolm X

Background info about your person (born, raised, family, etc)

His full real name is Malcolm Little. He was born May 19th , 1925 in Omaha , Nebraska. His parents are Earl & Louise Little. He had 10 siblings, Mary , Reginald , Yvonne , Robert , Hilda , Earl(JR) Little , Wilfred X , Ella Collins , Abdul Aziz Omar. He had a wife named Betty Shabazz and 6 children, Qubilah, Ilyasah , Attallah , Malaak , Gamilian , Malikah Shabazz. He went to West JR High School & Mason High School. He is one of the most prominent & controversial black leaders during the civil rights of the 50-60’s,
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B. Fact #1 from notecard with citation
Direct quote (with citation): “The night of 1927 Malcolm was snatched awake into fright with pistol shots , screaming , smoke and flames.” (Robinson,42)

OR Paraphrase (with citation): The KKK setted a lot of challenges for Malcolm X , but he didn't let that bother him from his future.

C. Explanation of Fact #1 (state why this evidence supports your subtopic)

February 21st Malcolm x had a rally about the civil rights movement , before he could start his speech a disturbance broke out several rows from the stage, two men were on their feet arguing. From the back of the room a smoke bomb was ignited which added chaos. Gun men rose from the front rows and walked toward Malcolm. They pulled out a sawed off shotgun from inside their coat , took aim and shot him in the left side of his chest near the heart, knocking him in the ground.

D. Fact #2 from notecard with citation
Direct quote (with citation):
“Ella brought her younger half brother , Malcolm from Michigan to Boston to live with her in 1941” (Robinson,