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Malcolm X Malcolm X is truly a man shaped by experience. From his childhood filled with racism, to his jail experience and following of Elijah Muhammad to his pilgrimage to Mecca all the way to the end of his life. He impacted the people and created a movement and awakening of black consciousness throughout America, the Middle East and Africa. He rejected the mainstream Civil Rights Movement of non-violence which was led by Dr.Martin Luther King Jr and the NAACP. He encouraged black men to use any means necessary to protect themselves and family. Malcolm preached independence and Black Nationalism. Although he is viewed as a violent he understood history and predicted the future of black America. (define black nationalism) (brief summary of impact) ( and views) He constantly reinvented himself and spoke for human rights at the end of his life he died for his beliefs he inspired blacks to know their self-worth and to unify.
Malcolm X was born Malcolm little on May 19th 1925 in Omaha Nebraska. His parents were a part of the Marcus Garvy movement during his reign and after he was deported. His mother wrote for the Garvy newspaper and his father was in charge of recruiting new members for the movement. He was the 4th of seven children. His family had to relocate numerous times because of threats from the KKK and the burning of their home. In 1927his father was killed in a street car “accident”, but it is widely believed that he was murdered by the Black Legion. In 1938 Malcolm’s mother had a nervous breakdown. She was sent to Kalamazoo State Hospital which led to the split of Malcom and his 6 siblings. Malcom was sent to a white foster home located in a predominately white area. At a young age Malcolm was at the top of his class and had charisma. He was named class president and had many friends in his class. Malcolm dropped out of school in the 8th grade because when asked what he wanted to be he responded and said a lawyer and his white teacher said that was unrealistic for a Negro, he should be a carpenter and work with his hands. From 1940 to 1946 he held odd jobs in Boston while living with his half-sister. He soon became involved in the city life filled with drugs, prostitution, jazz and petty crime in Boston and Harlem. He became known as “Detroit Red”. Malcolm had shifted so far from his original Garvian values that he even had a white girlfriend with whom he committed crimes along with his best friend Malcolm Jarvis aka “Shorty”. In 1946 they all got arrested but the women were let off. The woman lied and said they were forced to commit crimes with Malcolm along with his best friend. The prosecutor even tried to get the woman to make a statement that they were raped by Malcolm and Shorty. Luckily the woman did not agree. Malcolm X was sentenced to 8-10 years in Jail and was denied parole because he was considered a threat to society because of his Black Nationalist views. While in prison he had completely transformed and reverted back to his original morals and values. He had joined the debate team, read several books, was able to re-evaluate his religious beliefs. Through his brothers and sisters he discovered the Nation of Islam. He accepted the teachings of Elijah Muhammad the messenger of Allah. In 1950 he displayed the type of action he takes when he believes in something. He wrote to the Governor to allow the Muslim practice in jail. This later would be placed in F.B.I files because the F.B.I had been watching the Muslim movement since the 1930’s In August 1952 he was let out of prison month later he was accepted into the Nation of Islam and changed his Sur name from Little to X to represent his lost African name. His slave name along with his light skin tone and red hair was a constant reminder of the white man that raped his mother’s mother. Malcolm soon became the designated speaker for the Nation of Islam because of his skill as public speaker and charisma. In just two years he spread the message