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In the film of Malcolm X, it produces and show many great aspects of how things were viewed in the past and how many things changes and progress on. It had a very strong and powerful meaning and it hit you right way on how things felt, as if you were in there with them yourself. The film representative of Malcolm X was very good and he had an outstanding presence and strong motivation of words. Malcolm speeches was amazing powerful and had tons of impact on every person he met and he put his life, standing up for the right of his race even though few people believed in him, he never gave up and thats what made him a great leader for the African American.
The portrayal of Malcolm X by Denzel Washington was also a very detailed and almost exact copy of the real Malcolm, he made every aspect of him like reality showing his true nature. Not only did his acting was exactly just like Malcolm but look just like a replica of Malcolm himself. With all the emotion and decision making, made it incredibly real as if you were in that group yourself facing the danger of every step. In Spike Lee's version of Malcolm X's life is also very similar to the historical Malcolm X real life and by watching the movie and knowing who he was and his beliefs, anyone can easily tell how alike they are.
When the film started Malcolm was getting a haircut and doing so shows the appearance of what he wants to be like a white person rather than his own blood color which is black. Malcolm father was a