Male Bonding Essay

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Rena Genauer
Professor Nachumi
English 1100
1 February 2013
Male Bonding: Prehistoric and Modern It is increasingly common for humor to be used to make a serious point. An example of such is found in a comic originally published in New Yorker. The image depicts two men bumping bottoms mid-air. The men are clad in sacs and are bearing clubs. Lying next to men is a dinosaur who appears to be stunned. The image is drawn in thick, casual strokes without much detail. Initially, the image seems to simply portray two men performing a strange action juxtaposed alongside a dinosaur. However, upon closer examination of style, details and the story told, it is evident that a deeper meaning was intended. This image really conveys the contrast between modern and prehistoric times while claiming that male bonding prevails throughout both. One way that this image shows the contrast between modern and prehistoric times is through style. First and foremost, when looking at the drawing it is immediately evident that the lines are utterly imprecise. The image is fraught with shadows and bold lines, suggesting informality. This lends to the idea that the image takes place during a less sophisticated time. In addition, the image is drawn in black, white and shades of gray. This is the most basic type of visual display. As time and technology have progressed, humans have moved away from the basic black and white and migrated towards a colorful color scheme. Forms of expression from fashion to art are filled with bright colors that filmmakers and artists of the past could have only dreamed of. The usage of black and white is a universal method of signifying old times. By composing the image with haphazard black and white lines, the artist is able to create a sense of simplicity that is associated with antiquity. The artist also sets the prehistoric theme with the details included within the drawing. The two men are dressed in what is considered to be traditional cavemen garb -- sacks -- and are carrying typical weapons of the period -- clubs. This is in stark contrast to today’s society. It is not common practice in the United States to carry a weapon. Were someone to carry one, chances are it would not be a club. In addition men today do not generally wear sacks. In the modern era, the clothing and accessories depicted in this image are synonymous with cavemen. The final detail of which to take note is the dinosaur. Dinosaurs no longer exist today. By including a dinosaur rather than a shark or lion, the artist is maintaining that this image occurred during prehistoric times rather than modern. The combination of the primitive clothing and the extinct reptile serves to aid the artist in conveying the message that this image is set during prehistoric times. The final element that the artist uses to convey his message is the story told in the picture. The picture tells the story of two men who have slain a dinosaur and are…