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A Quick Meal Fast food restaurant has already been a part of our society in the modern time. What is fast food? Just as its name implies, fast food should be fast- it is prepared in advance, so that when customers come, they can have their meals in a short time. Generally it includes hamburgers, tacos, and something like those which can be cooked a lot at the same time. In addition, fast food restaurants always provide combo meals which contain entrée, sides and drinks to make it “fast”. Fast food plays an important role of consumption. Today, the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements. Timing is everything; people don’t have enough time to enjoy the meals and lives. Fast food took place of traditional restaurants to feed them, and it’s a breakout to enter a brand new deli culture from the tradition cuisines. At the same time, as social and economic development and people's living standards improve, people's food consumption concept is gradually changing, eating out is more regular and rational; while selective is enhancing, the demands on the quality of consumption, taste, health and safety are increasing, too. Not only fast and convenient, but also delicious and healthy are the key for a fast food company to success.
As the needs of fast food are increasing, the competition among fast food restaurants becomes more furious. We have no doubt about it that the most famous fast food company is McDonald. Why is it so successful? First of all, they work twenty four hours a day. Only this has already made them stay at leading edge because when others’ close, they still open. That means they have more chances to serve customers, and to build up their resumption. Their catchword is “when you are up, we are ready”; they satisfy the special needs. Therefore when customers, especially those who like to eat at midnight, the first name come to their minds would be McDonald. Second, they change themselves along the needs of customers. They are the first fast food restaurant who provides breakfast menu. Most of people don’t want to eat too