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Business Development
Platform for Mali
Team 6 members: Xianwei Xiong, Lily Ling, Ziwen Chen,
Jingyi Lin

Current Situation of Mali
Current Health
Condition in Mali

Country Profile

Republic of Mali
Location: Landlocked country in
West Africa, middle of the
Sahara Desert
Population: 14.5 million
Natural Resources: Gold and salt
Politics: African democracy
Economy: Mali is among the 25 poorest countries, highly dependent on gold mining and agricultural exports such as cotton •

Life expectancy at birth:

53.06 years

Percentage of people has access to drinking water:


Gov expenditures on health: 6.8% of total gov expenditures and 4.3% of GDP, US $4 per capita
Health Infrastructure: 24 hospital beds per 100,000
HIV/AIDS: adult prevalence rate 1.5%; people living with AIDS 100,000; deaths

Target of Mali and Development


Goal 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Goal 2. Achieve universal primary education Goal 3. Promote gender equality and empower women
Goal 4. Reduce child mortality
Goal 5. Improve maternal health
Goal 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Goal 7. Ensure environmental sustainability Goal 8. Develop a global partnership for development

Benefits of
Development Plan

 Improved health services reduce child mortality and dystocia
 Better education and training prevent HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
 The development of health care provides more job opportunities and enhance youth employment
 The plan leads to stronger awareness of environmental protection and hygiene

Strategy for Achieving the Goal
Role of Society

Ensure peace, security, and public services everywhere Increase governance through decentralization for balanced country development and ongoing public service reform

Role of the person

Receive medical education and change harmful habits

Receive quality health services

and family planning services

Invest in infrastructure,

staff training, medical drug supply Collaborate with government and professionals to improve local environment and disease prevention Devoted to becoming professional health care workers and live for