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Malinda Jordan
AP English
Kylie Gregor
A Modern Proposal for Abortion
The Sweet and Simple Way

Abortion has been one of the most enhanced topics of our time. I’m sick and tired, and sick and tired, and sick and tired, of hearing about it honestly. If the right-wingers truly believe abortion is a sin, and the women who choose to abort are evil, heartless murderers, it’s time for some action to be taken. Rather than just sit back and be okay or content with just picket signs, and expect to just be at ease with the situation and expect anything to happen. What, are we just going to say “no more abortion!” and just wait for everything to stop? We have to get to the core of the problem. First, we need reevaluate ourselves and seek what makes women in general think that it is okay to abort a life? Are these women simply born will the will and satanic spirit, which they are persuaded? To kill a precious life after all of their wrong doings of hardcore partying, drinking and all of their foolishness. Most believe that the decision has less to do with the lifestyle of a woman rather than what she predicts for the future of her child. When women become pregnant, these prochoicers cry, the partner is irresponsible, refuses to pay child support (as usual), or just gets up and leaves; she might not have the means to provide for a baby. Prochoicers want us to believe that if a woman has dead end job, absolutely no support whatsoever and struggles to find food, that’s it’s okay to just resort to abortion. Evil right? I propose we outlaw condoms and sex education. By exposing children to the mechanics of sex and pregnancy prevention as early as middle school, we’re basically telling them, that “it’s okay to get jiggy with it”, and ultimately there are no consequences because a make can simply be undone (pregnancy). By getting rid of condoms couple will know that their actions may result in an unwanted pregnancy and they won’t have sex in the first place. There also needs to be fund for women who abort a child, to inevitably pay women for choosing life over murder. If a poor woman is given the option between money and