Essay about Malnutrition and Child

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Introduction Have you every been starving or really hungry? You say that you are but not as much as the people in Africa and that is what my project is on my project is on persuading you to help the starving kids in Africa.
Facts Why Did you know that every year 15 million children die of hunger. What if that was your child out of that 15 million you would want all the support and help you can get to. Also, every 6 seconds a child dies of starvation. That means that if we don't do something a mother and/or father could be losing there son or daughter right now to starvation. Africa is losing there children almost every second

Reason Why You Should Help I think this is a good cause because what if your child was hungry right now you would get him/her something to eat most likely and the parents in Africa cant. So, imagine when your child says om hungry and you cant feed them how would you feel? About that you cant feed them. Imagine if your child died because you couldn't feed them how would you feel? I don't think you would want anyone else to feel that pain so all you have to do is please try to donate something to any charity you want to help these children And parents. My Experience I have once been like those children and my parents couldn't get anything and I was starving and that was the worst experience and I don't think that I would ever want anyone to experience that and feel that if you help me help the starving kids and people that I making them have