Malnutrition Essay

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Cassidy Burkholder
Informative Paper
English Comp. 1
Mr. Broadfoot 20th of November 2012

Malnutrition Around the World For most us Americans, knowing when we’re going to eat next is something we very rarely think of, and when we do think about being hungry we still know where our food is coming from. Three big meals a day, and a few snacks in between, is how most of us live. It’s hard for us to imagine what its like for those who go days eating very little or nothing at all. But unfortunately that’s how it is for most of the world and surprisingly it happens in the United Sates as well. There are many reasons malnutrition can happen, and it happens to every age group. Even though there are many ways to treat it, in the
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About 13 million children in America live in homes that don’t have enough food. (“Nutrition and Aging”) Researchers have also noticed a link between malnourished children and difficulties in school. Those students have higher levels of aggression, ADD and anxiety, which lead to them having trouble paying attention and learning. (“Malnutrition In America”) Students are also absent more often; they have about 60 sick days a year. All around the globe children are dying at the rate of 10.9 million deaths each year. This is mostly happening because malnourishment increases the effect of any other diseases they have. (“2012 World Hunger…”) Effects on children suffering from malnutrition are severe. If a child isn’t given help as a baby, they have a higher risk of dying. They also can become physically and mentally stunted. Other effects include being shorter for their age, thin, listlessness, poor immune system, changes in mood, and anxiety. Malnutrition also affects their five senses, touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing. When they get older it causes more trouble to get them help (Child Welfare League…”). Malnutrition can also affect senior citizens. When someone retires in America everyone would like to think that they have enough saved up to keep on living well, but with how our economy is now it’s more difficult for older adults to have enough money. This causes a chain reaction,