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In the article, “One Role Model To Another”, author Karl Malone feels that it is not up to him whether or not he is a role model. He thinks the choice is whether to be a good role model, or a bad one. People look at celebrities to set an example for whoever is looking up to them. Being a role model can be both beneficial and detrimental. The duties entail children and adults watching closely at every move you make, and you being held to a dreadfully extreme standard. Malone thinks that role models may not always succeed in everything they do, and admits that they are not perfect. The minute someone messes up, everyone hears about it, and for those who look up to you as their role model will most likely be affected. On the other hand Malone says being a role model can be beneficial because you will be able to feel good about yourself when someone changes his or her habits because of you. Seeing your favorite athlete perform amazingly makes you want to be just like him or her. An example Malone provided was if someone is on the verge of quitting a job, and they think back and realize the hard work their athletic role put in to be where they are today their mindset may change. This is why celebrities influence people’s decisions so heavily. Besides celebrities, parents also play a crucial role in setting a good example for their children, and these famous people try to reinforce the ideas that their parents are instilling in their heads. No matter what these celebrities do or…