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1. What contractual issues should the contractor pay special attention to before signing the demolition contract?
Massive and sophisticated demolition work predates the establishment of the proposed developmental property on the Maltese islands. However, the construction sector in Malta is plagued by myriad constraints and limitations, rendering the nation acutely incapable of successfully conducting the demolition through local efforts. The staff at the disposal of even the largest demolition contractor in the nation consists of only 20 members, because of which it is ill-equipped to execute an undertaking of this stature and complexity.

Consequently, the
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If the land is indeed contaminated, such information must be intimated to the architect and the engineer supervising the demolition project. Failure to bring the existing pollution to the notice of the Government and the client can result in false pollution charges on the demolition contractor himself. Besides, the client may have inhibitions about constructing hotels and resorts on a contaminated site, because it could imply that other aspects of site’s environment, like the water sources available and the atmosphere in general might also be polluted and unsuitable for the construction of such recreational property.
Thirdly, the site is located in the heart of Valetta, which is the most culturally opulent city in Malta. As such, the contractor must ensure that the site is adequately excavated and examined for items of historical or heritage value. The contractor must also establish clear and transparent protocol with government, to ensure that if any antique items are discovered, they are brought into the possession of the official authorities. He must also ensure that he receives fair reward in case such items are discovered during the demolition efforts.
Fourthly, the contractor must proceed with immense caution so far as the stringent recycling requirements involved in the demolition contract are concerned. The Government of Malta’s guidelines on sustainability mandate that 90 percent of the demolition materials