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Daeja Black
Ms. Snyder
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21 November 2013
Cher’s Dilemma Cher’s business is an independent business. People, called free lancers, are hired and employed to a job short term. Cher has to take the time out to find and hire free lancers suitable for a specific project very frequently, which can be very time consuming. When the free lancers have completed a project, Cher has to let them go because she no longer needs their services, which as a result of are temporary workforce relationships and bonds. Even though Cher might need their services in the far future, some of them would not consider coming back because they were let go. Cher must promote goodwill in order for the terminated employees to return to her company. Cher should use indirect order for the letter to the desktop publishers (180 Means). This letter will contain the news that she no longer needs their services. First Cher should thank the employees for completion of the project and their services in an appropriate manner. This will prepare the readers for the negative news coming. Then Cher should briefly explain the negative news to the reader in a respectful business manner (180 Means). In the letter Cher should not make a promise that she will rehire the employees again in the far future to soften the impact of the bad news, because it can turn out to be a false statement. This letter is bad news to the employees. They wished to stay with the company to complete another project. Cher could promote goodwill by doing simple things in her business by