Mama Nadi Play Analysis

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This play, about the struggles of having to survive by selling your body, was really sad and tragic to read. Trying to sympathize with Mama Nadi and her girls is hard because of not being able to relate to something so horrible. Mama Nadi’s way of survival, although, not respectful is definitely commendable. She found a way to protect herself from men and made a striving business out of it. I was shocked by the stories Salima had told describing how badly she was traumatized and brutally raped. It is shocking to know that men could do such savage things just to fulfill their needs and show that they are the ones who have power. I liked the play overall, but it was heavily burdened with things that are unimaginable to me. Lynn Nottage definitely had an older audience in mind because it is hard to relate to the horrible events …show more content…
These women sold their bodies in order to protect themselves from further abuse which takes a lot of courage to do. There are many themes throughout this play including hope, love, selfishness, gender roles and brutality. Hope is vaguely present because although the women are surviving they are doing it in such a way that does not destine them freedom in the end. A turn of events could have occurred at any time in this play by the men of the war overthrowing the whole business. Love is present through Mama Nadi and Christian. In the end, they seem to finally end up together and Mama finds her peace. She accepts him into her life so he is more than just her supplier and ally. Gender roles are present in every play and the women of “Ruined” are subjected to disgusting, volatile events because of a war that has nothing to do with them. Lynn Nottage presented her message throughout this play strongly by constantly reminding us that Mama Nadi’s business tactics did indeed work and the men respected her and her