Man 301 Final Project Essay

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Three Year Marketing Plan—Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc.

|Throughout the semester you will complete incrementally segments of a final project that you must submit at the|
|end of the course: a marketing plan. |
|Your marketing plan will feature Blue Mountain Spring Water, Inc. Information about Blue Mountain is contained |
|in this document, which you should use as a guide for completing your assignments and as a template for |
|assembling your finished marketing plan at the end of the semester.
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Chambers and Phillips incorporated the technologies of micron filtration, ozonation and the application of ultraviolet light in the bottling process. Thus, no residue, taste or odor is left in the bottles. This pristine bottling process and the unique blend of minerals from the natural spring determine the clean, fresh taste of Blue Mountain Spring Water. These elements created a bottled spring water product that is delicious, refreshing, and appeals to healthful consumers of all ages.

Blue Mountain Spring Water is currently sold in 500 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and 2 liter sizes. Each bottle type is ergonomically shaped for easy carrying and contains 30% less plastic versus comparable size CSD beverage containers – which conforms with the company’s goals of being as eco-friendly as possible, while manufacturing healthful products and contributing to local conservation programs.

Blue Mountain Spring Water is currently sold at select natural food markets, gourmet supermarkets and local stores throughout western and central Pennsylvania, as well as border-state areas. Recent distribution growth includes college and university campus stores. In order to penetrate these market segments and maintain its high-quality image, Blue Mountain has chosen not to distribute to mass-market and discount retailers. Although Blue Mountain Spring Water appeals