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Principles of Human Communication W 6:30PM
Informative Speech about Man-In-The-Middle Attack

Specific Purpose: To inform about Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) Attack
I: Open with impact: Have you ever wondered if someone is spying on you over an unsecured network
II: Link: During this speech you will learn why it is important to be careful what you post on an open network
III: Connect with audience: By the end of this speech you will be informed on why it is best to watch what you do over the network
(Preview: Some of you might be wondering where am I getting at here and some of you don’t care. Well today I will tell you what is MITM Attack, how would you know if you are a victim of it, and what could you do to protect yourself from it.)
I. Main Point: To start this topic out I will give you an idea about MITM Attack
A. MITM Attack is a type of cyber-attack where a malicious actor inserts himself/herself between two parties and gains access to the information sent between the two
B. In simpler terms it can be described as monkey in the middle but this time the monkey catches the object, changes it, passes it down, and the bullies are unaware a change was made.
C. This way the hacker could redirect your network traffic in other words you try to go to but your browser directs you to
(Signpost: Now that you have an idea about MITM Attack let’s talk about how to know if you are the victim of it.)
II. Main Point: There are several ways to know if you are being hacked, but due to the complexity of the attack the methods that will be stated will not be 100 percent accurate.
A. Loading a website would take a lot longer than what it usually does
B. You may notice on sites that needs to be secure, such as, banking sites or anything that requires log in credentials will show HTTP instead of HTTPS which means that the site is secured
C. An obvious one would be trying to go to one site and you are redirected to another site no matter how many times you try to correct it
(Signpost: Assuming that you have an idea on knowing if