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When I read the lyrics of "Man in the Mirror", i think of how someone would want to change self,how they want to make a change in the world, also how they have so much wealth and never helped the pour. alot of people come in the world as followers, and not leaders. one day they come to realize that they need to change something. it may not be thee people they hangout with, or they find they are not happy with there jobs, but they need to change thereself within. they may have accepted things for so long and cant deal with it anymore, or they been holding on for something to long. some people feel that they have a purpose in life, to change something in the world. that despite everything that done happened in there life they still have a purpose of change. they can help at least one person in there lifetime. that if they cant change the world, they can change a life. lastly, they have alot of people in the world that are very much so wealthy, and they may think about helping the pour,but dont. or they think that the pour should get up and hustle just like they did. as the lyrics state "It's Time That I Realize That There Are Some With No Home" they have to look at the positive things. what they was blessed with other may have not been. people always looking at the bad, when you should always look at the good. in conclusion, micheal is looking at himself and what to change him before he start to change someone or something else. he want to look back at what all he has been