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Scott Zastrow
David Johnson

Netflix over the years has benefited millions of dollars from its subscribers. Since its establishment in 1997, Hastings has dominated DVD rental and taken away potential business from his competitors. He has strived to keep up with the ever changing economy and serve his customers well. His marketing approach is quick and decisive but continues to dominate. I will be explaining how his approach and my experience with Netflix has somewhat fizzled. This is only because I haven’t had the time to be able to sit and watch movies for what he charges. Netflixs’ elements of exchange are beneficial because of the no wait and no late fee. Customers can set up there so called pre-lineup to get what they want to watch without spending countless hours or days surveying every movie. Netflix pushes people to stay in the comforts of their own homes and makes it more feasible for the customer to spend less. The philosophy of Netflix and its marketing management strives to make its customers enjoy the movies in their own homes: with a variety of subscription plans it allows the customers to have the options to watch movies when they have time. To me I would like to have choices when subscribing to something. The same goes for when you chose a cellular, cable and or even car insurance. People need to have options. A one set plan doesn’t always keep the customers attention because without options people lose interest. In correlation to the management philosophy, its relationship marketing has increased greatly because of how detail oriented Netflix has become. The constant upgrading makes it easier for customers to make multiple lists of their favorite movies or sit-coms. Netflix uses Cinematch software to take in all of the customer ratings. This code has allowed customers to take into consideration the choices that they would make in choosing what they would like to rent. Also if there were any issues the 10 people authorized to make callbacks would make every effort to correct the problem as soon as it was discovered. Netflix has come and gone for me. Meaning that with its overall value and my work schedule I found it to be more of a hassle. Sure I would love to be able to watch movies as soon as they come out. Problem is that when things get real busy who has the time to sit and watch movies when they are always on the go. I surely like how they are customer friendly and supply you with envelopes to return what you have watched. My point is that spending the 17.99 is not worth my time. Sure movies come out on cable or regular television but the cost