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20th October 2014

Anisa Aouida
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Dr. Michael Maneri
SAB 420

Management Images

When I consider all of six images I would fell more comfortable with the navigator.
The navigator attaches several different characteristics. It addresses the classic Fayol characterizations, so it shows classical management “hard skills” on the one hand. On the other hand, the navigator clearly shows a touch of soft skills as well, which is visible in the Contingency Theory.
That theory describes a management style, which cannot be completely separated from the personal qualities, because personality is strongly related to leadership ability. There is an interplay of multiple variables.
That also reflects why the navigator is partially intended. Management style and favorability of the situation come together at that point and there you have a controlled part and another part, which can be not controlled.

In comparison to the other five images I would say the navigator has a wide-range of qualifications. The strengths are obviously in the flexibility of handling operational processes. The navigator follows every operational step and guides its employees though every small or big obstacle. In addition, the navigator reacts of each situation different and can make the most out of it.
Limitations are might pop up when you have to dig deeper in the material. For me the navigator is a generalist and not a specialist. Problems will then come up, if there will be conflicts, which are only, can get