Manage Complex Innovation Essay

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How to manage complex innovations: A case study of Bosch fuel injection systems.

Just as we have varying methods of managing styles, we also have different forms of innovation with varying complexities ranging between simple and very complex hence managing a complex innovation requires diversity, strategy and foresight. The statement above seems obvious but this article helps to further inform managers and introduce them to five key questions that are required for an effective organizational network.


Is your technology simple or complex? Due to various challenging issues at the time such as: energy crisis and air emissions regulations; Bosch had to restructure to help facilitate conformity to government regulations consequently transforming a once simple technology into a complex one. The first step therefore is to understand the level of technological complexity in your organization.

In what sector is the innovation located? Although the injection technology remained a vital part of the industry; changes in its underlying technology forced Bosch to link up with relevant organizations hereby creating a network. Development of complex technology requires diverse resources, resources that can’t be obtained in a vertically structured organization.

Is your innovation normal, transitional or transformational? The electro-mechanical fuel injection technology was incremental, involving the replacement of a mechanical valve for an electro-mechanical one. According to the author as regarding complex technologies, major economic payoffs comes from incremental innovations and the ability to do it over and over again whilst always seeking competent partners.

What is the mix of