Manage Recruitment Assessment Task 2 Essay

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Assessment Task 2

BSBHRM506A Manage recruitment selection and induction processes

Recruitment and selection consultation
Submission details
Candidate’s Name Janette Bromby



Assessor’s Name Talitha Wright


Assessment Site




Fountain Art
Human Resources Plan Develop a human resources plan to address the Human Resource needs of the organisation and have the plan approved by the business manager and your assessor before proceeding further. Note:
HR plan must include: identification of needs or gaps, identification of key stakeholders and specialists, current status of human resources, recruitment and selection processes, and
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The employee must submit a written doctor's statement, indicating the anticipated delivery date. The employee should inform Fountain Art of the expected duration of her pregnancy leave so that
Fountain Art may plan around the absence efficiently until her return.
An employee requesting pregnancy leave may also ask for a transfer to another less strenuous or less hazardous position if so desired. The request must be in writing and must state the reason for the transfer.
Paid Leave
Fountain Art provides for paid pregnancy leave for the period of
[time limit— e.g., number of days or weeks]. The employee may use any accumulated paid sick days and/or paid vacation days to extend her pregnancy leave beyond the paid leave period. The employee will be paid for those designated days.
Medical Incapacity
At her option, the employee may continue to work up to the delivery date, depending upon the employee's medical circumstances and the nature of the employee's job. In the event the employee is physically incapable of performing her regular job duties at any time during her pregnancy, the employee may request that the employee be placed on pregnancy leave. An advance notice of a minimum of one (1) week should be given, accompanied by a statement from the employee's physician attesting to the employee's incapacitation.
While an employee is