Manage Your Time And Life And Become An Active Reader

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Assignment 3.2
For part one of this assignment I choose to apply the Manage your Time and Life and Become an Active Reader, to my school work. For two weeks I applied these simple tasks to my everyday work and it helped me a lot. I can already see a difference and I will most definitely continue to use them. For 'Manage your Time and Life", I was to make a schedule that helped me to organize my time and studying. I made a new one every week and it is helping me to be more organized and to not slack off. My schedule has every day of the week on it and next to each day it has what subject(s) I will do that day. I used to forget which assignments I did two days ago and have Inattention but this is helping me a lot. For "Become an Active Reader", I read more books out of school and it helped me to understand the books I have to read for school better. I used to jumble up my words and just dash through it but now that I am taking my time reading books I like it makes reading much easier for me.

For Part two in my survey I found out I am a Reflective,Intuitive Learner. I am flexible with Visual and Verbal l am also flexible with Sequential and Global Learning. A reflective learner means that I am better studying alone rather than studying with a group. Tips for reflective learners is to stop ever few lessons and to summarize what I just learned, in my own words. A intuitive learner means that I don't like repetition, and I work faster then sensing learners. Tips for intuitive learners is to read the entire question before answering and to look for theories that link the facts. I do agree with the facts and I