Managed Health care Professionals Essays

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Managing Multidisciplinary Professionals

Michael Romagnolo

Ashford University

Instructor: John Long

October 14, 2013

The Doctors in this example were putting together a large multi service practice and they hired one person to be the office manager…if the business were to be drawn out to see who was in charge of what we would see that the three doctors would be at the top of the food chain and the next block would show the office manager. All of the lines drawn from the office manager and these would go to the square that shows the head of each department and from there to the department’s subordinates. So the vertical lines that connect the upper management to the next level of management to the lower level of management….really reflect the actual lines of communication (chain of command) whereas the horizontal lines show the communication between people on the same level as they are.
The example from the text states, “The idea that managers should go through proper channels by following the vertical chain of command resonates strongly in many organizations, including military units and police forces, where authority and responsibility relationships must be carefully maintained.”
The same is true in any healthcare organization seeking to maintain legal and defensible medical practices. I think this business is best molded into a decentralized organization because the three doctors are going to be maintaining their offices in two locations…and the business is going to be very large (many departments). The overall manager would not be effective if he tried to control all of the departments by himself…so having the supervisors of each department having the authority to make the mid-level