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Unit Four Discussion Board One
Managing Organizational Change
Dr. Marcia Brown
Suequeena Diane Williams
January 29, 2013
Hello Dr. Brown and Fellow Classmates:
For our first discussion board for the week, we were asked to download the required work redesign document complete by a firm’s internal consulting team. Acting as external consultants, the task is to review the document as it is presented and render suggestions about what was done correctly along with any concerns and recommendations that are deemed necessary to mention. With that prompt in mind, I have formulated the following responses to the questions that Dr. Brown has posed.
Discussion on the Utilized Analysis and Work Redesign Strategies
In order to address the organizational issues of increasing expense and budgetary costs, lack of quality and timely work, excessive chargebacks and customer service issues, the assigned internal consulting team took the following actions: * Conducted discussion with Management over time * Interviews/discussions with customers * Mailed surveys to employee’s homes in hopes of gauging individual motivation and potential problems * Facilitated team building workshops * Re-issued surveys at workshops when poor response was received
Based on the above information and researched material, the internal consulting team opted to employ the Motivational Work Design Strategy. Created from research completed in organizational psychology by Hackman and Oldham, the motivational model encourages job enrichment and enlargement (Campon and Mumford, 2005). Basically, this model of work redesign believes that performance on a job is directly correlated with employing and retaining employees who are both satisfied and involved with organization procedures. Upon gaining knowledge of the issues, the first thing the internal consultants did was interview with the management. From this meeting, they suggested that the employees complete a survey. All of these events directly relate to the Motivational Work Design Strategy discussed above.
Discussion on the Successfully and Unsuccessfully Addressed Change Factors
As it relates to the given scenario, the increased team building, employee input and communication issues were all properly addressed. However, it is believed that the internal consultants did not properly address the functional complaint routing system. Basically, if a customer contacted the organization with a problem, they could not receive an immediate response because the answering representative did not have the required knowledge to answer the question. As a result, the question had to be forwarded to a supervisor and who would then forward to a compliance specialist. By the time the customer receives the answer to his/her question, the problem is usually resolved which only further aids to the customer’s irritation and/or aggravation. It is believed that the employees would feel more included in the organization if they had the proper information to answer the questions asked of them as opposed to simply being a call taker only registers complaints.
Discussion on Addressing the Unsuccessful Change Process Issue
Since the internal consultants did not address the employee/customer service issues in the Motivational Model Theory that they