Characteristics Of Management Essay

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In management there are many different factors that can make you a good manager; planning, staffing, direction, controlling and organizing are key aspects that anyone should follow. Organizations run well with these aspects and without managers who know how to work with all of these aspects will do their job well, while those who are not as fluent and skilled as their fellow co-workers may not see success as quickly or ever like their counterparts.
Leadership is an easy word to use but difficult to define; when I think leader I think of someone who knows how to cover all their bases to become successful. A leader is someone I would look to follow closely to be able to gain experience from to one day become them, job wise. Two aspects I always thought went well together was planning and organizing. They seem like two different aspects but in turn one follows the other and vice versa. In business there are only a few ways to succeed, being very organized and planning almost every move. With planning, managers should be able to zone in on what their organizations goals are and how to make it happen. HSO is constantly changing and with change comes the ability to set forth strategic plans in order to achieve the goals by the organization. A good manager should be able to implement procedures to fit the perspective of the company, while keeping everything efficient. With planning comes organizing; good managers should also have good organization skills mastered. If there isn’t any organization there can’t be a functional leader. Organizing can be compared to a well played football game; having done the research and study the opposing teams every move, one would know how to tackle even the slightest change with ease. Being organized can help make sure tasks are done for the day and if it isn’t finished it can be completed for the following day. Having these skills to be able to direct a company and employees in the right direction can become a challenge but it can also a great skill to have if you plan on moving up to being a president or CEO of a company. I fully understand that in the mist of issues managers’ face the one aspect that seems to find itself on the back burner is staffing. In HSO there are always going to be many different departments that have functional leaders to look over and as that area gets larger you need more competent managers to handle the overflow of work. This aspect can be especially difficult when you look at the bigger picture; I work for the primary care aspect of my hospital, actually a specialty office which is run by the same group of managers that are in charge or primary care. With this I see staffing issues all the time that my actual organizational leader handles better than the other three managers. My office has the most issues