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Management Activities

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Introduction The report examines the introduction of open technologies in the transmission of live broadcasts for KYB. Issues such as organisational structure, quality management, tasks and aims of the project were analysed and possible recommendations made about the challenges in the venture.


Organisational structure

The mission of this division will be ‘to create effective and practicable IT solutions that improve work flow and enhance quality of work’. The major objective of this sector will be to;  Identify potential industries and sectors that need IT solutions  Apply knowledge of IT solutions to solve problems in these areas  Implement and set up technological software and hardware in those companies  Work hand in hand with consumers to assess performance and create the best path for performing the job. The type of organisational structure that will be applicable in the Industry solutions and services sector
Divisional head

Head of customer service

Head software design

Head of hardware manufacture

Head of quality control

The Division will have a head that will be in charge of four subdivisions; these are the customer service, software design, and hardware manufacture and quality control subdivisions. The latter four subdivisions will be working together to ensure effective


performance within the organisation. Since the team will be working hand in hand with the consumer, then there will be a need for autonomy in work. The divisional head will only be consulted in adverse cases as most of the decisions will be made on subdivisional levels. However, the divisional head must make sure that all the respective team members perform their tasks.


Planning of work activities

The first issue that will need to be addressed upon creation of the new Division is identification of the product. In this case, the product will be digitalising traditional broadcast methods within the company. The major item in the agenda is transmittance of live shows. Currently, there is a high demand for live reality shows in a variety of media outlets. In order to stay competitive, the company needs to take control of these live media events. Consequently, the company will have to incorporate IT solutions in order to make the transmission process much faster and also to enhance the consumer’s viewing experiences. This will be possible by transmittance of digitally compressed episodes into KYB’s archive centre. This will go a long way in enhancing management of content because it allows the company to improve its live broadcast. At the same time, the company will be providing some of the most valuable information to its employees with regard to the nature of the programs on offer. The essence of the program will be to create a digital video storage system for the company. The following objectives will be achieved through this service:  Storage of data  Management of data  Data retrieval The latter objectives will be achieved through one of the Digital Video Broadcasting technologies available today. It should be noted that the traditional methods used by


KYB will not be undermined or forgotten in this process. As a matter of fact, the service will be demonstrating how traditional broadcasting methods can be merged with modern methods. This will be implemented through team work amongst stakeholders in the project the company will utilise total Linear technology to store the data. On top of that, the company will use the ZBZ standards in order to transmit some of the data that the company will be broadcasting. The standards will assist in the process of transmission because they facilitate transmission of huge amounts of data. This digital solution will be particularly useful to the company because it has the capacity to handle