Management and Autocratic Management Style Essay

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Page 1 has 3 questions
1. Define laissez faire and situational approach: the choice of the best management style depending on the situational, lassez fair is a poor management style with no structure, in other words democracy gone wild,

2. Which 2 management roles should the ceo use (all 4 works as long as u relate it to the case study)
Justin Mathew would need to implement the management roles of planning and controlling, planning is deciding where an organisation is heading and how it will get there. controlling is ways to compare actual performance with planned performance also using key performance indicators to ensure objectives are met, planning and controlling help Justin identify its main objectives, how it will get there and ways to compare actual performance with planned performance.

3. Stages of planning process setting objectives: where the organisation is heading analysing the present situation and future opportunities: SWOT(strength weaknesses opportunities and threats) developing and evaluating alternatives: the direction and the strategic planner asks how the organisation going to get there. implementing the plan: putting the objective into action, the need to communicate the plan to the whole organisation monitoring and reviewing the plan: did the results work, were they realistic, goals.

question 4. identify the management style currently used by the ceo you can answer with consultative or participative consultative 5. outline two typical characteristics of the style you have identified staff feel valued and their comment is taking into consideration there Encouraged with group discussions on policy.

6. briefly discuss one advantage and one disadvantage of this style advantage: staff fell valued and part of the organisation disadvantage: expensive and time consuming.

7. suggest a different management style that could be applied you can say autocratic or persuasive, i believe autocratic simply because in the case study it states that staff want to be told what to do and they don't care about being empowered, so an autocratic management style is more appropriate

8. with reference to two situational variables at EFR(the company), explain why you have suggested that particular style in question 7 i said,
- subordinates, the staff lack knowledge and skills so an autocratic style is necessary
- time constraints, time is an issue and an autocratic style is much faster

9. suggest one