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P3 M2
What are you doing in this task?


Your own contribution
Your own contribution to the business is what you do as the manager and how you give back or put in to the business. It is important for the owner to recognise the thing he needs to do in the business as within the business there are both strengths and weaknesses that arise in the business such as technical problem etc. A skills audit will help identify the skills needed for the business owner are lacking in skills this means that if there are gaps in the business relating to any skill aspect the owner could contribute such as doing the task or hiring some else to fill that gap for them instead who may have more experience and knowledge than anyone in this field.

In the business you need contribution as without it task will not be completed and this means that the business will fall behind its aims and objectives.

At republic banana the business strives itself at using the skills of others and to allow the flow of task be achieved at a much more rapid pace but when there is an issue such as the business is lacking an employee to stack the shelves the business will tend to it by having someone else do it or having the manager him/herself do the task. But even if the business can handle the job such as lacking someone to change the business design the business will look in to hiring someone who could do this due to the fact that the business needs this certain skill that others in the business may have which means things such as painting the walls won’t be completed without the person who will need the right skills. Another scenario is that at republic banana the business is always looking for new designs for its products and the business always needs as many designs to choose from but these designs need to be physical so when the business is lacking someone to draw up these design the business tends to look in to find some sort of way of drawing it whether it being by hand or computer but although some of the computer skills are good with searching up things the design bit is not as good so they need to hire someone who can be useful with the new technology and be able to come up with new designs.

Technical skill is the knowledge and ability required to achieve specific tasks as well as other duties such as mathematical, engineering, scientific or computer-related tasks. Individuals with technical skills are commonly referred to as technicians in their selected field. Technical skills allow the person in the business to be able to help with the technological side of the business this means that things such as computer work computer dis-functions will be sorted due to the fact the business has someone skilled for these particular roles and jobs.
At republic banana the business prides itself on its points sell system this is what allows our employees communicate and provide for the customers so when a customer comes in looking for a pair of timberlands boots they will ask the employee for a size 10 and the employee will use the computer to send information of the product needed to come out of the stock room for them to sell.
The advantage with having technical skills is that the business won’t rely on having to call in external people in the business to do the repairs needed for any technological equipment so this means they won’t have to spend money instead save money for the future.
The disadvantage with having technical skills is that the employee or the business will always need to spend money on training staff to use the new equipment which in some case might be to advanced for certain employees. Which could lead to more money being spent on having to train these staff to know how to use the equipment properly so in future the equipment is used safely?

Operational jobs or tasks consisting of one or more elements or subtasks, performed typically in one