Management and Canadian Business Environment Essay

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|Outline: BUS106 |
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|This subject is designed to provide first semester students with an introduction to the Canadian business environment, business issues and |
|functions, and the major forces at work in the global economy. It provides students with a perspective of business firms as integrated |
|organizations composed of a number of specialized functions. The subject provides the students an opportunity to develop transferable |
|skills for college and business life. |
|Credit Status |
|One Credit |
|Learning Outcomes |
|Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to: |
|1. Describe the impact of major economic systems and current trends and challenges on Canadian business. |
| |
|2. Identify and describe ethical issues, social responsibility, and legal issues affecting Canadian business. |
| |
|3. Compare and contrast various forms of business ownership, select appropriate structures for setting up small business in Canada, and |
|understand the basic elements of a business plan. |
| |
|4. Discuss the significance of entrepreneurs, business owners, and franchisees in today's business environment. |
| |
|5. Describe basic management functions of: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in the areas such as Operations, Marketing, |
|Finance, and General Management. |
| |
|6. Discuss issues of operations management in the production of goods and services, including manufacturing processes, productivity |
|measurement and quality control. |