Essay on Management and Enterprising Occupation Areas

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Career Plan Analysis
William Valentine
December 8, 2014
Dr. Jeanette Selby-Lucas

In November, when I previously filled out my Career interest profile my results were as follow: Artistic, Social, and Enterprising. This course has allowed me to understand the proper management skills that I will need to exhibit to be successful with a position that reflects that areas of interest. My personal SWOT analysis highlighted my two major strengths (communication and leadership) that can be illustrated in social occupation and enterprising occupation areas. Understanding the concept of the “Five steps in goal setting” (management, ch.2) will strengthen my leadership skills and decision making. Most Enterprising occupations involve starting up your own business which is a future goal of mine. The six key elements of organizational design (work specialization, departmentalization, and chain of command, span of control, centralization, and decentralization) (Management, Ch.3) will be the foundation of how my company will design the organizational structure of our company. When working with others I’ve learned my strength in leadership lies within the Charismatic-visionary, “who is self-motivated individual who has a large personality and can influence an individual’s behavior.” (Management, Ch.4). Learning more about benchmarking (Management, Ch.5) which is a concept that I would do unconsciously in my past management career, has opened my eyes to larger allies. I