Management and Event Coordinators Essay

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Why a Career as an Events Coordinator Would Be Rewarding
Jacob Kimball
Mr. Moffett
Intro to Sports Management

Introduction The market for an event coordinator is ever increasing across not just the sports world, but any place in the world that needs the facilitation of a skilled coordinator. From the smallest little league baseball teams to the Summer Olympics, event coordinators are spread across the world wherever their skills are required. Events are happening every day even hear at our very own college, ranging from the whiffle ball tournament to the health conference. They all require guidance and assistance that can be filled with the skilled characteristics of an events coordinator. Rewards in the field of a sporting events coordinator are as rewarding as any field you can imagine. Assuming that you got into this career due partially to your love of sports, what can be more exhilarating than working all day improving the participation and welfare of your chosen sport? However there is a lot of work that needs to be done if you want to make an impact as an events coordinator. Schooling is required for most jobs based around schooling events such as high school games, concerts or road races. Going to college and graduating with a degree in sports management is a good way to start, since it gives you all the skills you need to know and develop. The variety of skills you are going to need will be extensive, but with hard work and dedication your field is within your reach.

Working Definition Event coordinators apply managerial and leadership skills extensively in their field. Without a sense of control and leadership, an event can quickly turn into a disaster, or not even get off the ground at all. Most sporting events are deeply ingrained in communities around the United States especially. If you are the events coordinator of a baseball stadium and you don’t order enough beer, then you are going to lose business and reputation. Event coordinators do not just deal with the intangibles of organizing an event and let the rest fall into place. Event coordinators control an event from conception to clean up. They meet with clients to work out event details, plan with the client and their team, scout and book locations, food, entertainment, staff and cleanup. They create budgets and stick to them, as well as organize transportation, hire and wrangle keynote speakers or celebrities, and generally make sure the event runs smoothly, efficiently and handle any crisis that may come up. (Flickety)

Education Just like most professional careers now a days, employers will look for someone with a bachelor's degree and experience working in the planning or related field, like hotel management. Hospitality management degrees are especially sought after in the field, although degrees in marketing, advertising, or business management are helpful. Experience can come from many different places such as organizing the pep rallies at your high school, or organizing the local food drive for your college. Experience in planning is key, and once hired, you will learn quickly in the field. Certification is available through a few organizations, but not required. The higher you climb in the event coordinator field the more and experience you will gain, and the more experience will be required of you. A wide variety of schools and universities across the US offer varying degrees in the sports business field. The smart way to discover whether or not sports are right for you, is to begin your education at a two year school, and continue your education at a four year school if you decide that you are committed.

Skills There are a multitude of skills that are required of an events coordinator. Here is just a quick list of some of the ones that you may want to focus on cultivating while you are in school: Communication: Event coordinators talk to clients, listening to their needs